Sufi & Bhakti Movement, Bhakti Sufi Movement in India

1. Sufi Movement:-

  • The word ‘Sufi’ is derived from the Arabic word ‘Safa’, which means purity, that is, those who were spiritually and morally pure, they were called Sufis.
  • Hasan Basri is considered the first Sufi saint and Rabiya is considered the first and last female Sufi saint.

Sufi Movement

2. Chisti Silsila                                                            

  • The founder of the Chishti sequence was Abu Abdal Chisti, but it was promoted in India by Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti, his main center was Ajmer, the main saints of this series were as follows –

(a) Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti
(b) Sekh Hamiduddin nagori
(c) bakhtiyar kaki
(d) Baba Farid
(e)Nizamuddin Aauliya
(f) Baruddin Garib
(g) Gesudraj 
(h) Sekh Salim Chisti

3. Suhravardi Silsila

  • The headquarter of this sect was in Multan (Pakistan) and Shihabuddin Umar Suhrawardy was its main promoter, but the credit for the initiation of this sect in India goes to Saint Sheikh Bahauddin Zakaria.

4. Qadiria Silsila

  • The founder of this series was Abdul Qadir Jilani, the son of the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan, Darashikoh was a follower of the Qadiri sequence.

5. Nakshbandi Silsila

  • Khwaja Ubaidullah Naqshbandi was the founder of this series, but Sheikh Ahmed Farooqui Sirhindi propagated it in India. This sequence was established during the time of Akbar.

6. Bhakti Movement

  • The Bhakti movement that originated under Hinduism was a great feature of the religious life of the Middle Ages.
  • The development of the Bhakti movement took place in South India between the 7th and 12th centuries. The Shaiva Nayanars and the Vaishnava Alvars emphasized individual devotion to God for liberation. The main propagators of this movement are considered to be Shankaracharya.

Bhakti Movement

7. Famous Saints of Bhakti Movement

(a) Shankaracharya
(b) Ramanujacharya
(c) Nimmark
(d) Madhavcharya
(e) Valabhacharya
(f) Ramanand
(g) Kabir 
(h) Guru Nanak
(i) Chetniya
(j) Dadu Dayal
(k) Ravidas
(l) shankardev
(m) Mirabai
(n) Surdas
(o) Tulsidas

8. Religious Movement in Maharashtra

The Bhakti cult in Maharashtra was centered around the temple of the deity Bitova or Bitthal of Pandharpur. Bithowa is believed to be an incarnation of Krishna. The three followers of the Bithowa cult were Dnyaneshwar, Namdev and Tukaram.

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